Special Cuisine

Representative Cuisines of Diaoyutai Hotel

Dishes of Diaoyutai Hotel are often credited as “Diaoyutai cuisine” as well as “the ninth major cuisine in China”. On the basis of the court receipt, Diaoyutai cuisine integrates all merits of other cuisines and adopts essential food ingredients. In line with the tenet as “centering around the flavor and pursing the healthy maintenance”, Diaoyutai Hotel has formed a unique style characteristic of freshness, elegance, purity and maturity.

Gathering of Stars

Generally speaking, there are few famous chefs who can really meet with the high standards of cooking artists. While in comparison, with many years’ foreign reception experience, there are a multitude of descent and qualified senior chefs in Diaoyutai Hotel. To some extent, they could be called real cooking artists in the catering industry. Besides delicate cooking skills, they are also knowledgeable and expert in cooking nutrition expertise and cooking aesthetics. Moreover, they are also able to entertain guests from various regions according to different cooking cultures and social customs of customers. s, elegance, purity and maturity. 

Selection of Cooking Ingredients

First-class cooking ingredients are the basis of cooking cuisines. The selection of cooking ingredients of Diaoyutai Hotel will be conducted in the whole country according to a strict quality control process so as to further assure the quality of cooking ingredients. 

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