Beer Garden

A Tranquil Corner in Boisterous City

Classical and graceful courtyard, vivid artificial hill, harmonious compound of fall, tree shade and sunlight, luxuriant trees and grass in the beer garden will allow you to find god-given enjoyment. Sitting down to watch the afterglow of the setting sun, you will instantly stay away from uproar and return to peace. In this hot summer, it is advisable for you to escape from the bustling life and come here to enjoy exquisite Taiwanese cuisine and long-lost inner peace with several best friends. g eyesight.  fatty but not greasy”. 

Self-brewing Beer

Diaoyutai Hotel offers guests with unique self-brewing beer in Beijing city. Moreover, brewing ingredients such as lupulus, barley and wheat are all selected from organic products in America, Belgium and other countries. Sipping barley beer, wheat beer or black beer and quietly sensing the rising and smoothness of bubble at the bottom of the cup, you could personally experience the fragrance of beer in such a hot summer. ral best friends. g eyesight.  fatty but not greasy”. 

Hot and Spicy Crayfish 

With specially selected fresh ingredients, hot and spicy crayfish is cooked with unique soup. Due to its fresh meat, fragrant flavor and intrinsic enthusiasm, it has become one of the signature dishes in Diaoyutai Hotel. y”. 

Original Skewers 

Diaoyutai Hotel selects exquisite mutton from Inner Mongolia. In order to maintain original fragrance of grassland mutton, no seasoning would be added onto the mutton before baking. With professional charcoal, baked mutton would seem ruddy and scorched on the surface but taste soft and a little bit spicy and salty inside. 

Chinese Hamburger

The muffin is soft and sweet while the juicy meat is appetizing but not greasy. The muffin and juicy meat complement each other to provide you endless aftertaste. 

Self-made Yogurt

With fresh pure milk, yogurt is made in a natural way devoid of any spice. Matching with special juicy drink, such thick nectar can help you stimulate the appetite and digest fast. 

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