Delicious Delicacy

Persistent Pursuit of Natural Beauty

Dishes of Diaoyutai Hotel are often credited as “Diaoyutai cuisine” as well as “the ninth major cuisine in China”. On the basis of the court receipt, Diaoyutai cuisine integrates all merits of other cuisines and adopts essential food ingredients. In line with the tenet as “centering around the flavor and pursing the healthy maintenance”, Diaoyutai Hotel has formed a unique style characteristic of freshness, elegance, purity and technician of Diaoyutai Hotel. 

Cuttlefish Roe Soup 

This is a refined dish based on traditional Shandong cuisine. Combining multiple raw ingredients, cuttlefish roe soup tastes fresh and plain, leaving you with agreeable aftertaste. 

Meatballs in Earthen Pot

Originated from Huaian cuisine, meatballs in earthen pot is especially popular among guests and credited to be “fresh but not plain, fatty but not greasy”. 

Four Treasures of Abalone 

As a classical dish in Diaoyutai cuisine and a famous dish in Cantonese cuisine, four treasures of abalone is a very nutritious supplement dish with functions including nourishing, clearing heat and improving eyesight.  fatty but not greasy”. 

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