Conference Activity

In consideration of the professional meeting planning and complete audiovisual equipment, Diaoyutai Hotel has developed into a place qualified for high-profile conference, press conference and foreign-related banquet. For instance, Diaoyutai Hotel once holds multiple large-scale national foreign affair activities and other meetings and banquets with different profiles, including high-level Southeast Asia economic crisis forum which former American President Bush participated, The 21st Century United States Forum where former UN Secretary General Annan participated and Staff Meeting of UN Institution in China which UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon participated.

Thematic Banquet

Noble and refined wedding ceremony site in Diaoyutai Hotel has first-class supporting facility and professional service in China. Integrating delicate catering service and high-quality service, Diaoyutai Hotel could create a romantic and sweet wedding environment for new couples. Adhering to a service concept of high-end customization wedding ceremony, it keeps up with modern wedding fashion and sets high demands over site layout. Combined with perfect match of table, tableware, flower and delicacy, it offers new couples quality wedding ceremonies.