Dining Rooms

Enjoy private delicacy delicacies

The Diaoyutai hotel has nine separate banquet hall, different style, whether Chinese or western style, elegant private, elegant and comfortable. In the elegant environment, combined with the hotel's high standard of service and delicious food, is the capital business dinner, the best place for a small party. "The United States, the food and the service beauty and beauty environment" let you in the diet in Diaoyutai hotel experience "delicate, elegant, high specification as a VIP.

Tongle Hall

The office for the fun of classic European style, an area of 107 square meters (11.5 x 9.3), tiaogao 3.65m, can accommodate 36 people dining at the same time.

Yangyuan Hall

A source Department of Chinese and Western culture each other, area of 93 square meters (12.9 x 6.4), tiaogao 3.05M, can accommodate 14 people dining at the same time.

Qinglu Hall

The dew hall for the traditional Chinese style, an area of 58.1 square meters (8.3 x 7), tiaogao 3.05M, can accommodate 12 people dining at the same time.